Why Did The Lion Get Lost?

Because jungle is massive.

The old ‘uns are the best don’t you think?

I thought I’d pop on some music to do the housework to. This is where YouTube comes in. How did we survive without YouTube? If your kid asks about the solar system, YouTube. If you want music, YouTube. If you need to watch a cat play piano, YouTube. If you want to show your kids the Two Ronnies four candles sketch, you guessed it, YouTube.

Today I plumped for some old skool drum and base, as you do. So there I am, jumping, waving my hands in the air because I just don’t care knowing that deep down inside I truly am the one and only dominator when

“Ouch, what the . . . . . ?”

I’d found a shopkins with my foot. Oh yeah, I remember, I’m a 45 year old mother of two. Dagnabbit.



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