Saving The Interesting Bits

I’m new to this blogging malarkey so I signed up for a little assistance. My first challenge is to write about who I am and why I want to do this. So here goes.

I am Tina and I am bored. Only when the kids are at school and The Husband is at work. Bored of boring jobs, of washing, cleaning and tidying. Bored of not reading, writing and walking. There’s so little time for the fun stuff because of all the un-fun getting in the way. There’s also very little time for getting a job when you need to fit it around young children and school and not wanting to get a job yet because you want to be available at all times just in case of something, something happening that you might be needed for like, oooh, illness. Oh dear. Someone needs a life or, at the very least, a hobby.

This brings me nicely on to why I’m doing this.

Because I was told to. This was set up by a friend, one of many that said this would be a good idea, one of a few that really meant it. I decided they might be right.

My plan is to write down all the nonsense my children may, or may not, want to know about as they get older and to write it down before I forget it. This gives me roughly a week, two at best, to jot down anything I think they might find interesting or funny. A sort of diary of stuff and nonsense.

A year ago I met a lovely lady who writes biographies, she told me to write. I explained that I have diaries, lots of diaries, that my children could peruse once they’ve spent their inheritance.

“They won’t read them, you need to take out the interesting bits”

So, here I am saving the interesting bits.


8 thoughts on “Saving The Interesting Bits

  1. Great idea. I was in too much of a fog when my kids were very little to document much. Trying to do better now. Best wishes on your blog.

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