My Hour Is Up

I was moaning. I do so enjoy a good moan. On this particular occasion I was going on and on and on about how bloody boring housework is, how it’s never bloody ending and, worse still, how the only person to ever see the bloody house in all it’s clean and bloody tidy glory is me.

And on I went.

I muttered on about all the stuff I could be doing but don’t get time to do, the reading, the writing, the making stuff, the walking, the gardening and the catching up on stuff. I whined on about how I thought I’d have nothing to do now both children are at school but I don’t get the time to have nothing to do and, oh, how I long to have nothing to do.

And on I went.

I then pondered, out loud, on how I can have six hours a day to myself but not have any time to myself. How can that be? It isn’t possible to be doing all bloody day but not get anything done. What the hell am I doing for six hours if I’m not reading, writing, walking or gardening? I can’t be doing housework for six hours, can I?

And on I went.

The Husband was looking at me but was he listening? He’s become rather good at the looking as though he is listening. His face registered that I had stopped going on.

“Look” he said.

I waited for his words of wisdom.

“Just don’t do the boring stuff, I’ll do it”

Tempting but no. The boring stuff is my job. The Husband works damn hard so that I can stay at home with the kids, this is where I want to be right now. Whilst they are wee and still need me around I want to be exactly that, around. Not a round, although I’m that too.

“Right then” he said.

Again I waited for his wiseness.

“Do everything for an hour”

Sorry, what now?

“Your time management sucks”

A bit harsh.

“Drop the kids off then do housework for an hour, if something doesn’t get done it will wait. Then write for an hour. Then hit the garden for an hour or stroll for an hour or watch catch up tele for an hour. But everything for an hour. That way you get to do a little of everything every day”

It works. It only bloody works. I hate him for that.

Oh, my hour is up, bye.


2 thoughts on “My Hour Is Up

    1. It is about time Lisa, time in hourly increments. When next I see you it will be for one hour, an alarm will be set and as it goes orf I shall run to my next fun activity. Probably the bob sleigh or something involving a craft.


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