As we left school yesterday I noticed The Youngest was chewing.

“Are you eating?”

She just smiled at me.

“You’re chewing, what are you eating?”

She chuckled a little, she may have chuckled more if her mouth hadn’t have been full. Her friend intervened at this point.

“She’s eating a carrot off the floor”

Of course she was. I’d seen the carrot on the floor, it was dry and a bit wrinkly, it was grim. Yet, Little Miss Hungry had seen it and thought

“Yum, I’ll have that”

I made her spit it out, little grot bag.

I’ve just made her lunch for today with a lovely fresh crunchy carrot in there. I know it’s a good ‘un because I’ve eaten some. Thing is, I feel bad. Why did I make her spit out her tasty treasure? She’d have already chewed the gravel and muck off of it then I made her give up the good bit.

Being a parent is hard, we have to make a lot of quick on the spot decisions.

Yesterday I got it wrong.



4 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. Bless her the mucky little beggar. I suppose a grubby carrot is slightly better than the snail I had to prize out of her mouth as it was rattling round like a gob stopper 😁

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  2. Not certain that you got it wrong – remember the requisite 5 seconds of floor time had expired. I suspect it was more like 5 hours. The best part was the ‘discrete’ discreet disposal of said bright orange item behind a tree on the green grass. No one would ever have known…

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