I couldn’t play My Little Pony any longer. The Husband didn’t want to pretend to be a brother, again. The Eldest, who is a brother, was holed up in his room with the curtains shut and his ear phones on being as dull as it is possible for a human being to be.

We needed to get The Youngest out of the house. We needed to release her into the wild. We went to Wrest Park. There’s lots of space to run at Wrest Park, plenty of slopes to roll down and lots of other children for her to ask their names.

It was lovely.

We forgot to take snacks so spent £16.40 on some biscuits, two bottles of water and two teas. The Youngest pinched her leg climbing onto the toilet then, between sobs, refused to go for a wee. The Eldest rolled down a slope then moaned about the grass in his pants for EVER. Then there was the row, the row about how to spell tree.

This is what happened when we told The Youngest that tree doesn’t begin with ch.


She came back. Eventually.

I loved it, there was a brass band and ice creams. We’re going back next week, with snacks and a dictionary.


2 thoughts on “Chree

  1. A perfect day. We are faring equally well with the phonics. ‘Which letter would you like me to write on your toast with honey?’. ‘I want a number’. ‘Ok, which number?’. ‘d’. ‘d for dog?’ ‘No, d for Mummy’.

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    1. Perhaps the problem was the honey? If you’d asked me which letter I’d like written in honey I’d have said “none, do you have Nutella?”
      Sometimes it’s the method of teaching that is found wanting not the pupil. With this in mind it could be that D should be the first letter in Mummy. Just putting it out there is all xx

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