I miss Rocky already.

The Youngest is desperate for a pet, first choice a zebra but anything will do, dog, cat, hamster or a budgie, she’d love a budgie. The Eldest, who hates anything that poos, suddenly decided he wants a dog. Not something we thought we’d ever hear him say but there you are, we never thought he’d eat a potato but he now does, people can change.

We plagued The Husband for months then, when he said yes, rapidly changed our minds. After some persuasion we were back on board with the whole dog thing. The Husband cannot for the life of him work out how he ended up talking us into it but he did. Off to Wood Green we went.

We’d already picked our dog, Charlie, but fell in love with Molly and Rocky while we were there. The four of us couldn’t agree though. I wanted Rocky, he was huge and white and scruffy and I loved him on sight. The Husband wanted Charlie a Beagle who, quite rightly, had concluded in an instant that he was far too good for the likes of us. The children wanted Molly because she was small and blooming gorgeous. 

All three were taken.

We went to the park for a bit to give our broken hearts a few moments to heal. After a quick spin on the roundabout all was well in our world.

On the way home we were talking about Molly.

“I wanted Molly” whined The Eldest.

“Me too” I whined in return.

“Was it a cat or a dog?” asked The Youngest.

? . . . . . .

“A dog” said I thinking that it could be an easy mistake to make as she was cat sized.

“Oh, I don’t want a dog” 

Right. Ok then.


4 thoughts on “I miss Rocky already.

  1. We had to have our old lady cat Tiggy put down last week she had literally lost the will to live. The boys were very matter of fact as 5 year olds are I told them we were having a pet break Jacob put in a request for a golden fish, Charlie a hamster( very doable) which quickly changed to a puppy and a dog. Charlie asked this morning is our pet break over yet I haven’t even got rid of the cat stuff yet I was hoping for a little bit longer 😕 Xx

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