Vegans must die.

Tis tricky feeding a family of four at the best of times, one has allergies, one is always on a diet and failing miserably (me) and another doesn’t eat veg. So imagine my joy when the one who avoids veg decides he’s going vegan. Yay!

Squidge has been vegan for a week now and is doing rather well. As inconvenient as it is for me his resolve is both impressive and rather irritating. If only I could stick to a diet like he does, I’d be tiny right now, I am in awe of the 11yr old.

That said, it is time to do the food shopping and I just can’t.

“I’m calling a family meeting” said I.

“Oh no” whined the kids.

I ignored the groaning and continued on.

“I want a comprehensive list of what you would like for tea this week. Squidge, you need to tell me what you can eat now you’re vegan”

He’s more than welcome to vegan himself right up but he can do the research, my brain hurts at the thought of feeding nothing but veg to a non veg eater. I’m not sure how many Indian Vegan burgers a person can eat before they never want to see one again. I’ll buy it, I’ll happily cook it but he must do the ground work.

“Carbonara” announced The Boom.

She’s easy pleased that one.

The vegan fell silent.

I sat scratching Boom’s back, she requested that I did it forever which was fine as we had forever to wait for the vegan to come up with something other than Oreos and prawn cocktail crisps.

We waited.

We scratched.

We waited some more.

“We could rip his head off?”

The 6yr old is a genius. Problem solved.