Nevermore permit any individual to apprise thyself to the contrary.

“We shouldn’t use Owl words, we should use Yr2 words” she stated matter of factly.

“What are Owl words?”

Owl is the reception class, aged 4-5, so words used there are perhaps a tad basic? As one would expect for that age group. Yr2 class are 6-7 so are told to use more. I get that, words are grand for describing stuff, so I’m told.

That said I have a few issues with this.

Firstly, what if a Yr2 child was to repeat this to an Owl? This could make an Owl feel dreadful, the thought that the shiny new words they’re learning are a bit wrong.

“I can’t say happy, l must say extremely excited, happy is wrong”

“Whats wrong with happy?”

“I don’t know?”

“No Boom, there are no wrong words. All words are splendid”

Secondly, wrong words? What the fuck are wrong words?

When you see a cat but say “look at that lovely dog” perhaps? But the word isn’t wrong, you are, no wrong words there then.

When you ask “what the fuck are wrong words?” perhaps? Nope. All of those are fabulous too.

Now, I get it, honestly I do. Children should learn lots and lots of lovely words, words for describing things, places and people, words to help them express themselves and tell their stories. I too should continue to learn lots more lovely words, we can’t know too many. But. I’ll not have it said that words are wrong, except the word wrong which is wrong.

All words are fine by me and you should nevermore permit any individual to apprise thyself to the contrary.